College Watch: Big East Conference

Since moving to cornerback his sophomore year, former Osbourn standout Brandon Hogan has been nothing but sensational. Just last year, picked Hogan as an honorable mention All-American
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So I was perusing my Athlon college football preview magazine, and I suddenly became stunned. No, not stunned, but more like those times when you step back and say, "Holy ----." (Use your imagination on that one). Then, after awhile, that stunned kind of feeling turned into total boastfulness and suddenly I got to saying, "---- yeah!" (Again, imaginations).

Whoa, okay dude, what the heck are you talking about?

Okay. Like I said, I was going over the annual Athlon college football preview magazine and the thing that completely stunned me was how all of our local area kids were breaking into the two-deep rotation. Our kids. Not from some other state or the Tidewater, but our own. Not that it was stunning that they made it that far, but the mere fact that nearly all of them were making it big is what struck me. I mean, there are kids who sometimes don't pan out, which will always happen, but the rate at which our kids pan out is astounding.