Club National Championships Draw from All Over

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Photo by: Kim Grimes / | VIEW GALLERY

By Adam Chasen:
GERMANTOWN, MD - In 2010 Montgomery County, Maryland was once again the site for the women's lacrosse Club National Championship. The tournament was held at the Maryland Soccerplex in Germantown from July 15-18th, pitting the nation's top club teams against one another. It is an inclusive tournament that is open and available to all club teams in the nation. Elite officiating from all over the country, championship brackets, college recruitment, and a champion in each age bracket make this tournament one of a kind for women's lacrosse.

Over 300 teams from 35 different states were represented, in six different age levels, (high school graduation years '11, '12, '13, '14, '15, and '16.) Female lacrosse players from Oregon, Wisconsin, Tennessee, among many other states came to Maryland, one of the more traditional hotbeds, to compete.

Whether the team was from Long Island or Cincinnati, every athlete had a tremendous opportunity to represent their hometowns and club affiliations. The tournament was also an excellent chance to be seen and leave an impression on the many college coaches scouring the fields full of young aspiring lacrosse players. Coaches from many of the major women's lacrosse programs including, Syracuse and Northwestern, got the chance to see some of the best recruits in the country.

For a college coach, who would normally have to travel for weeks at a time to be able to watch as many recruits or potential recruits as desired, a tournament like the Club National Championship, is of great benefit. Syracuse Head Coach Gary Gait could be seen, quite visibly in bright orange, traversing from field to field, watching some of the nation's top young players. To be able to watch that many high level players at one time is a great advantage to both the coaches and athletes during the evaluation and the recruiting process. Visibility is a tool used by coaches in all sports in recruiting and the ability to be present in front of so many lacrosse players is invaluable. On the other side, many young women that would not have been seen otherwise, had the opportunity to play in front of numerous college coaches.

Coach Allison Solomon and Coach Jordan Quinn from the Jackals Club Lacrosse program, based in Rockville, Maryland took time to speak with Gameday about the tournament. "What I love about the tournament is I have cousins on other teams - - It really is the whole lacrosse community that is here," commented Solomon. "We all want to represent the Jackals in a positive and successful light," added Coach Quinn.

Both coaches acknowledged that they have a handful of players on their Jackals squad, a 2012 group, looking to play college lacrosse. Coach Quinn, a current lacrosse player at Franklin & Marshall, and Coach Solomon a recent graduate and former Franklin & Marshall lax athlete, understand the pressures that are involved in the recruiting process. "Our girls don't feel pressure to perform well, but the clubs are aware that there are hundreds of college coaches here," explained Solomon.

By the end of the weekend many young women left strong impressions with their play on the field. Individual performance is always scrutinized at the highest levels, but not forgotten is the fact that the Club National Championship is a team tournament and the best teams were recognized as champions in the end.

The 2010 Club National Champions in each age bracket:

Runner Up: Liberty Lax Black

2012: M & D BLACK
Runner Up: Liberty Lax Black

Runner Up: SJS PINK

Runner Up: TLC

Runner Up: M & D Black

Runner Up: Long Island Express