Revolutionizing High School Sports Coverage:

Gameday Properties, LLC is the parent company to the Gameday family of products. Since 2001, we have been developing and implementing sports media strategies in the Washington DC Metro area with the goal of increasing awareness for local high school athletics. We started in radio in August of 2001 with a show called "The Coaches Corner". Our daily national sports program aired on AM 1200 WAGE for 5 years. Guests such as Florida State's Bobby Bowden, Washington Redskin Darrell Green, and many more visited the show to share their stories and their triumphs at the highest level of sports.

At the same time, Gameday began to develop its television product on ESPN2 locally in Loudoun County. Hosts Andy Hayes, Bruce Bornarth, and Mitch Rogers appeared on ESPN2 and Loudoun's Channel 3 for two years, with a show called "High School Gameday." It was the first step into the local high school sports scene, and Gameday soon followed that with the area's only sports publication focusing on local athletes and teams.

In September of 2003, Gameday launched "Gameday Magazine", a full color glossy publication that featured high school athletes on the cover. In depth stories and high quality photography filled the pages of "Gameday Magazine" each month. At this time, Gameday began to shelve its involvement in the national sports scene, and began to devote 100% of its resources and attention to the group that rarely was the centerpiece of conversation in the big media, the high school athletes.

As "Gameday Magazine" and our radio and television properties began to build name recognition in the marketplace, Gameday turned its attention to building the premiere online hub for local sports fans. became the state's finest high school sports website in 2005, with daily stories, live radio shows and games, and cutting edge video of never seen before coverage of the local sports in the Washington DC area.

In 2006, we launched the Gameday Radio Network, which was home to the state of Virginia's only online sports radio network for high school sports. Our coverage of over 300 athletic events during the year gave sports fans a new way to listen to their favorite teams both live and on-demand. The Gameday Radio Network also made it possible for relatives and family members away on business to still follow the action live, right from their desktop in any location in the world.

With nearly 1,000 athletic events and original programs produced since 2006, the Gameday Radio Network has become an industry leader both in Virginia and across the United States in internet broadcasting.

In 2008, rolled out Version 4.0 of its website with some new wrinkles. Hyper-Local websites were created for Gameday's Radio Partner programs, and new interaction was enabled for games that were originally only able to be heard on the Gameday Radio Network, to now be viewed on-demand with video.

As technology continues to catch up, Gameday has introduced new opportunities such as Live Video Games, and a 24/7 GamedayTV Channel.

In 2009 and in the years to come, you can expect that Gameday will lead the way in technology, and innovative new ways to cover local high school sports. Our platform will continue to become more user friendly, and as we reach out to new partner programs across the state, look for Gameday to continue to be THE chosen location for sports fans to find the best photography, scores, stories, live audio and video, and much more.