Renner to Compete in Prestigious Elite 11

Bryn Renner was considered a good prospect, but now he's an elite one. In what is now perhaps the biggest recruiting story of the year, Renner confirmed with Gameday that he has in fact been chosen to compete in the prestigious Elite 11 quarterback camp.

The event, which is sponsored by EA Sports and is televised on the NFL Network, is comprised of the best 12 quarterbacks in the entire nation. Its list of alumni is a who's who of college and NFL stars as players such as Tim Tebow, JaMarcus Russell and Vince Young have all competed in the Elite 11.

Just recently, Northern Virginia's own Peter Lalich (Virginia) and Mike Glennon (N.C. State) have competed in the camp, but now the UNC-bound quarterback is the one carrying on the current tradition of great Northern Virginia quarterbacks.

"It's a real, real big honor for me," said Renner. "I had a lot of great expectations and a lot to prove, so it's a real big honor, and I'm just glad to get to compete with the best."

Yet just three weeks ago, the chances of Renner even making the Elite 11 were slim. Although regarded as a solid three-star prospect, he didn't quite have the accolades to be an Elite 11 invitee, as the event is normally reserved for five and four-star quarterbacks. But that all changed after Renner attended the Las Vegas regional qualifying camp. Competing with the best quarterbacks in the country, Renner shocked everyone in attendance into being crowned the 'Golden Gun' award for the most accurate arm.

"I figured to just take the opportunity to do the best I could," said Renner.

Taking advantage of that opportunity not only catapulted him into contention for the Elite 11, but soon everyone around the country took notice of Renner. Hard to imagine that just a few short weeks ago, he was a regular three-star prospect whom only a few knew about.

"A lot has changed in the past six months since the season ended," said Renner who credits his work ethic more than anything else.

"I've just been working pretty hard, throwing everyday with my receivers and just working on mechanics, and just working around the clock everyday basically to get ready for college. So just by working hard really paid off."

While Renner stated what an unbelievable honor it is for him to be regarded as one of the elite quarterbacks in the country, he also mentioned how his dad, Bill, who also serves as his head coach, was just as proud.

"He's happy for me," said Renner. "The ultimate goal in sports is whoever the best is, you want to try and beat them and see what you got and compete, and he's happy to see me do that."

Last year, the father-son combination had extraordinary results for West Springfield. With the older Renner calling the shots and having his son execute them, the Spartans roared on to a 10-3 season and were within one win of capturing a region title.

Yet now the future Tar Heel is on an even bigger stage. He'll now be exposed to the entire country, and put on the same path in which the current college and pro stars have traveled on.

"It's just a huge honor to be in the same sentence as JaMarcus Russell, Troy Smith, and Tim Tebow," said Renner. "It's just real cool just to be there."

While Renner is happy to be on the same stage as the nation's biggest prospects, it's one that has been quite familiar to Northern Virginia football fans in recent years. As mentioned earlier, Lalich and Glennon have both participated in the camp, making Bryn's selection the third consecutive one for the area.

And as the torch-bearer for Northern Virginia football, he'll soon become everyone's favorite quarterback when he goes to compete at the Elite 11. He'll have no shortage of friends as the entire area will be wishing the best for him.

"I thank everyone for their support," said Renner. "I just want to do my best and compete for Virginia. I really think that's all I can say. It's really cool, though, to have that support."

Renner, though, might not be the lone Virginia talent to be at the camp. Kevin Newsome, out of Chesapeake, is expected to make the final cut also. If Newsome would in fact be selected for the Elite 11, then that would mean six Virginians in the past three years have made the cut for the Elite 11. Only the likes of California and Florida can claim to have just as many or more. So is in fact Virginia officially among the nation's elite football states such as California, Florida, or Texas?

"I think it really is," said Renner. "It's definitely one of the best in the country as [the Northern Region] had three quarterbacks the last three years come out and be Elite 11 quarterbacks. It's really just gotten to that top level I think. It's real good for the state to have that happen."

As for the actual football side of things, Bryn admitted to feeling a bit anxious as of right now.

"I can't wait to go out to camp," said Renner. "It's just an honor to be there and to work out with the caliber of players that have been selected."

The Elite 11 is currently slated to take place during late July in Southern California, where Gameday will look to provide daily updates of Bryn's performance during the camp. All of us here at the Gameday Headquarters do wish to congratulate Bryn on this outstanding achievement and wish him the best of luck at the Elite 11.

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