Renner Beating the Best at Elite 11

When it was announced Bryn Renner would be competing in the Elite 11, it of course came as big news. Originally a three-star quarterback, he was listed as a long shot to ever make the camp. Yet after outperforming all the competition at the Las Vegas qualifying event, Renner made the cut.

So how could he possibly outdo himself? Well, try outshining the rest of the Elite 11 class.

When it comes to accuracy in the Elite 11, none have been better than Renner. The accuracy competition, titled the Golden Gun award, was won by Renner on Tuesday, and now there's a strong possibility that he could win the ultimate Golden Gun award at the end of the camp.

"It's five minute circuits where people try to hit the targets," said Renner as he described the accuracy competition. "I got second on the first day, I got first on the second day, and I got second for today."

With his outstanding performances at the camp, several of the experts on hand to break down the event, namely's Jeremy Crabtree, have cited Renner as being the best quarterback recruit for UNC since Ronald Curry. Curry, a Hampton graduate who broke several VHSL records, has often been called the best quarterback to ever play in the state of Virginia.

"That's just real humbling," said Renner. "I'm not sure I'm there at Ronald Curry status because that's just hard to see me at that level."

While the high praise and accolades are great so far for Renner, he's enjoying the camp experience itself just as much.

"I don't want it to end because it's just so much fun," said Renner, who is out in sunny Mission Viejo, California for the camp. "With all these elite quarterbacks around the country, it's fun just being around all the people that I've read about online and getting to know them."

Among the best quarterbacks in the country who Bryn has been around this past week are five-star Texas-commit Garrett Gilbert, his roommate, as well as Phoebus standout Tajh Boyd, and also Aaron Murray, a player Renner believes is the best out there.

"He's got a really quick release, and he's about 6-feet or 6-foot-1, but he really can get the ball out quick, plus he throws a good ball," said Renner.

The typical day for the West Springfield quarterback at the Elite 11 isn't one of your typical day camps that mom and dad send you to in order to keep you busy in the summertime. As Renner puts it, it's all football, all the time.

"It's basically football 24/7 out here," said Renner.

"We go to breakfast and then head over to the field and get loose and then do our two hour workout. After that, we get back and change real quick and then we have two hours just going over coverages and reading defenses and watching film and doing different quarterback stuff."

During the two hour morning workout, Renner isn't working out with your typical run of the mill camp counselors either.

"Matt Stafford, Chase Daniel, Curtis Painter from Purdue, and then Jordan and Carson Palmer was here today and then T.J. Houshmandzedah came out and ran routes," said Renner.

With a former Heisman trophy winner and three of college football's best on hand to teach Renner, not only is it a great learning experience, but it's a one in a lifetime moment.

"It's just amazing to be on the same field," said Renner. "Giving high fives to Carson Palmer and you see him on TV throwing touchdowns to Chad Johnson and TJ Houshmandzedah, that's just unreal. I'm just living it up."

Right as Renner walks away from the camp and this lifetime experience, he'll be entering the season not only as a much better quarterback, but one now equipped with leading his team to a state title.

"The amount of teaching is invaluable for the amount of time I've been there this week," said Renner.

"It's just great playing with the best and that's what you have to do in order to get better. I've been getting better and better day by day... coming here and trying to get better and helping our team try to win a state championship like Mike Glennon did. This stuff is invaluable for a quarterback and getting the reps."

While the camp doesn't end until tomorrow, Renner told us there's something that he'll never lose after attending this camp, and that's the friendships he makes along the way.

"They'll all be college quarterbacks one day, and I'll be lining up against them," said Renner. "So it's great to just come out here and make friendships."

Check in with tomorrow to get the latest on Bryn's final day of camp from the Elite 11 and his attempt to be crowned most accurate passer at the camp.